How to Get Your Audience to Tune In

audience_acquisitionWhen planning a mission critical communication program, webcast, or online event, gaining the attention and interest of your audience is critical. We have put together a guide on how to increase your webinar registrants during the pre-launch, launch and post launch phases of your webinar. 


Align program strategy with business goals
Find at least one business impact metric that can be tracked and directly or indirectly correlated with the communication program (i.e. pipeline increase, increase audience attendance etc.).

Identify who your buyer is
Webinars can be a strong lead generation tool, but you have to be talking to what your buyers want to hear. Start by talking to your sales team to see what the buyer’s common challenges and needs are, so that you are speaking in their language.

Promote your webinar
Target your audience through a variety of relevant communication channels, such as email, social media, blogs, press release and SEO. Have a set promotional calendar with a timeline to follow for promotions to help elevate your plan. We recommend picking your live date 30-60 days in advance depending on the scale of the program.


Create an interactive experience for your audience
The goal is for your buyer to become an active participant instead of a passive listener. This can be achieved by engaging on social media during the webinar with an event hashtag, utilizing gamification and award badging, and chat sections.

Switch up your content
Try not to focus just on selling your product or service; your audience normally doesn’t register just for a sales pitch. Instead, try to position your brand as a thought leader in your industry and provide best practices and solutions to buyers’ challenges. This will help position you as an industry leader and in return generate higher interest in your company.

Post Launch

Maintain and build success
Make sure that your marketing and sales team stay aligned from the beginning to the end of planning your webinar.  At the end of the program let your attendees know you appreciate them and use the opportunity to build a relationship. Add the attendees to your contacts database for ongoing nurture and engagement. Also try to spot any future influencers to target for your next program or campaign.

Send out feedback surveys
You won’t get a better perspective on how to improve your program, than directly from the attendees.  Ask your audience what their thoughts are on the experience, message/content, intentions going forward, additional questions and future topic ideas.


For a more detailed best practices guide from INXPO’s Producers and Directors, download our free Audience Acquisition guide.