How to Make Your Online Event Data Do the Heavy Lifting

INXPO Map GuideWhen marketing automation came onto the scene it was fast-tracked on the hype-machine leaving hopeful customers to believe that their platform would “automate” like a magic marketing machine.

Like any great tool, marketing automation requires having a thorough understanding of what it is and what it’s not. Think of marketing automation like a Roomba. Out of the box, it’s a vacuum cleaning robot. Without setting up any initial parameters and providing opportunities for learned intelligence, it will simply bash around your house blindly until it eventually gures things out.

When used properly, your little Roomba can scale your housekeeping efforts by alleviating the traditional process of vacuuming enabling you to work smarter, not harder.

Marketing automation, when configured properly with your online events will:

• Allow you to map each phase of the attendee event experience while propagating profile data to amplify your marketing efforts and support your event KPIs.
• Equip your sales team with an arsenal of rich data empowering them to confidently hone in on the hottest prospects for increased revenue.
• Provide rich prospect data to nurture leads with personalized content and inform targeted outreach strategies.


Now that we’ve level-set expectations, we can dig into some juicy marketing goodness. Download this full marketing automation guide here.