How to Prepare for Your Virtual Event Kick-Off Call

how to prepare for your virtual event kickoff call

Note: The following post is by Matt Goodwin, Account Executive at INXPO. Matt has led his fair share of kick-off calls.


You’ve signed the work order for a virtual event and think to yourself, “now what?” One of the first steps will be the kick-off call – a cross-organizational meeting that outlines the project scope and assigns roles and responsibilities to the extended virtual event team.

Getting Ready for Kick-Off

There are some key elements you can prepare for – have these basics ready before the call begins. These may include your definition of a virtual event (from your organization’s perspective), your goals, event start/end dates and registration questions. Bring some questions to the call on any aspect of the event. After all, you’re about to speak to the experts, so use their knowledge to your advantage!

Preparation Tips

Here are the important elements your event team should prepare before the event kick-off call with your virtual event platform provider:

  1. Contacts – A list of important organizational contacts (include names, numbers, emails, bests times and methods to be reached).
  2. Event DetailsRegistration dates, live start/end dates and times, data portal dates. Is this a single event or a community? Be sure to share that vision with your platform provider.
  3. Audience – Who is your target audience? Global, specific country or US-only? Internal or external facing? Also, what’s your target number of attendees?
  4. Creative Do you need creative assistance or will your organization provide the content?
  5. Webcasting Consider technology types and user limitations if applicable. How many presentations? Are they monetized? How will you prepare your speakers?
  6. Registration Who will handle registration? Will it be handled by Single Sign On (SSO), Application Programming Interface (API), 3rd party provider, etc.?
  7. Support Will you need end user support within the virtual environment?
  8. Marketing CommunicationsWho will handle your communications, e-mails, registration, etc.? Will you be supporting languages other than English?
  9. Metrics What is important to your organization for data capturing? See our related post, “5 Ways to Measure Virtual Event Success.”
  10. Sponsors Try to determine your sponsorship packages and what your sponsors require.Ask your platform vendor for advice, as they may be able to help guide success in your event by providing best practices from past experiences.


Now that you have a general understanding of the information you will be discussing in your kick-off call, virtual events don’t seem that hard right?

Create a support layer, or partnership if you will, between your organization and your virtual event platform provider. You’ll see that the process is as easy as 1-2-3. So dust your feet at the door and step into the wonderful world of virtual events.

Virtual Starter Kit

If you haven’t signed on for a virtual event just yet, we published a Virtual Starter Kit just for you. When you’re ready to get started, contact us to take the next step!


Post contributed by Dennis Shiao