How USMotivation Is Leveraging INXPO VX Certification

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We have a certification program for the INXPO VX Platform. Partners and clients who wish to “self-produce” their event will need to achieve and maintain certification. This is the second in a series of profiles that shares insights from clients and partners on their VX Certification experience.


USMotivation, an INXPO Channel Partner, is a full-service incentive management company focused on incentive strategies and awards; group travel and meetings; creative communications; virtual experiences and business analytics.

Lisa Williams, VIVA Product Account Manager, was their first employee to achieve INXPO VX Certification.  Lisa received her certificate in September 2011.

The Certification Process

Lisa had significant experience building digital events using our “Platform Builder” system, which meant that the certification process went fairly smoothly. Because of her Platform Builder experience, many of the concepts (and menus) of VX were quite familiar.

Lisa viewed self-paced training materials over the course of several days. Once she completed viewing those materials, she was able to build her test event in a single day. The “test event” in our VX Certification is a prerequisite – you need to receive a passing grade on the test event and you’re even provided with a numeric score.

Leveraging VX Certification to Serve Clients

Now that Lisa has obtained VX certification, INXPO-powered digital events that she builds will have a lower cost (Lisa now has her own set of “car keys”). While INXPO provides the fuel, she’ll be able to service the car on her own. This puts her in direct control of the schedule and lowers the cost of “maintenance.”

Although she received her certification in September, Lisa has already produced a production client event on the VX Platform. Congrats, Lisa!

For Lisa, VX Certification provides USMotivation with “cost savings, as well as efficiency in the amount of time it takes to deploy an event.”


If you’re looking to produce and support a series of digital programs with us – and, you have in-house resources to build them, then VX Certification may be just the thing you need. Contact our Sales Team – or, your individual INXPO account executive to get enrolled today.


Post contributed by Dennis Shiao