How Webcasts Play into Today’s Engagement Economy

Webcasts in Engagement EconomyThe Marketo Marketing Nation Summit took place last week, and now that I’m back in the office and feeling reenergized, I took a look back on what valuable lessons I learned from my week in San Fransisco.

How marketers see success in the new “engagement economy” we are working in, was one of the hot topics of the conference. But what does this exactly mean for marketers who rely on webcasts and webinars to communicate to their audience? Let’s break it down in three simple steps – listen, learn and engage. 

Reviews and social media posts from customers are shaping prospects thoughts about your brand before you even get a word in. By harnessing this power of conversation through webcasts you can get a real-time pulse on what thoughts and ideas your current customers have. Leveraging live chat, polling questions and end of session surveys, can give you insight into your customers thoughts which will be monumental to bringing you success on a larger scale.

After you have become a great listener, it’s important to take a step back and digest what everyone is telling you. Sometimes it’s best to let the data do the real talking, but where can you get this data? Information gathered through webcasts allow you to get to know your audience pretty well. Data collected can show everything from where they are located, to what type of products and topics they are interested in learning about. Using data to source new information, beyond basic demographics can help fuel your marketing messages in the future. By building buyer personas with attendee data collected from webcasts you can start to shape campaigns and messaging to answer your audience’s most important question, “the problem I’m trying to solve is…” and then move them down the marketing pipeline.

Depending on your industry, product or service, the word engagement can mean a lot of things. After listening and learning, you can begin communicating with the right audience through the channels they prefer. Organizations that target key decision makers in a steady cadence of training or continuing education webcasts because they have expressed interest can expect their ROI to be two-fold. It’s no wonder three out of four customers think brands need to have a deep understanding of their audiences’ needs to be successful.

Making the necessary changes to the new engagement economy can’t be done overnight, but keeping the three simple words – listen, learn and engage at the top of mind can get you thinking more strategically about your marketing campaigns and approach.

To learn more about how INXPO can fit into your webcasting programs in the engagement economy take a look at our use cases here.