Hybrid Events for The Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

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The July issue of Meetings and Conventions magazine has a great cover story by Michael J. Shapiro. The story is titled “The Hybrid Touch: Why Innovative Planners Are Embracing Virtual Elements for Med/Pharma Meetings.”

Why Virtual Makes Sense

In the cover story, Bill Cooney, CEO of MedPoint Communications, provides reasons why adding virtual elements to face-to-face meetings make sense. Cooney’s reasons are:

  1. Time constraints: MedPoint’s audience is busy and has less time to go to meetings.
  2. Economic shifts: Pressure “to provide more cost-effective products and lower the cost of promotion.”
  3. Evolving regulations: New limits and disclosure placed around spending, dining and entertainment.
  4. Technology advances: Increased bandwidth and more sophisticated virtual meeting platforms.

Here’s a link to the full article: The Hybrid Touch

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Post contributed by Dennis Shiao