Hybrid Events Insights: Virtual Emcee and A/V Tips [VIDEO]


At PCMA Convening Leaders and Virtual Edge Summit 2012 in San Diego, we filmed eight event and meeting experts for their insights on hybrid events. We’ll be unveiling the videos (here on our blog) in “chapter book” format.

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  1. Chapters 1 & 2: What are hybrid events and do they cannibalize face-to-face attendance?
  2. Chapters 3 & 4: How do you market hybrid events and how do you incorporate social media?
Chapter 5: Should Hybrid Events Include a Virtual Emcee?

Emilie Barta (@EmilieBarta), Hybrid Event Consultant and Virtual Emcee, discusses the benefits of having a virtual emcee in your hybrid event. Emilie outlines her “Five Roles of The Virtual Emcee“:

  1. The tour guide.
  2. The voice of the virutal audience.
  3. The group moderator.
  4. The red carpet interviewer.
  5. The color commentator.

View the video to learn more:

Chapter 6: A/V Considerations for Hybrid Events

Midori Connolly (@AVGirlMidori), CEO and Chief AVGirl, Pulse Staging & Events, provides audiovisual (A/V) tips for your hybrid events. To start with, Midori says “we really have to remember that we’re producing two events.”

And if there’s one thing to get right, Midori says “you really need perfect audio.” She notes that an online attendee is 10x more likely to tune out if the audio quality is poor (compared to video being poor). So, ask your provider to connect the web streaming directly into the facility’s audio mixer. View Midori’s video to learn more:

Did you know? We have a white paper on hybrid event best practices. Register for the free download here:

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Post contributed by Dennis Shiao