Improve your Marketing Storytelling

Content is king. But unlike real kings, there isn’t just one per country, there are a million content kings out there and they are all competing for your audience. In the saturated world of online marketing, it’s important to find a way to stand out before becoming the online equivalent of the man on the corner swirling the “we buy gold” sign.

How do we suggest standing out? Storytelling through video. The concept is so simple, it should take you back to your college course when you were first introduced to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Are you meeting the feeling?

Content can be informational, instructive and educational, which all serve a necessary purpose, but stories can build content that appeals to emotions, experiences and relationships. Which, you guessed it, gets you to the top of the Maslow Hierarchy, and in return successful marketing.

People are often drawn to stories for the same reason they are drawn to video content, and when you combine the two you get crowned the true King of Content.

Steps to earning your video storytelling crown:

Be authentic – Telling a story through video is powerful because making the human face-to-face connection increases viewers engagement. However, this strong connection also makes it easier to tell if your story is fact or fiction. Don’t focus too hard on making up the perfect story, it’s better to tell one that is true to you and your company.

Clear goal – Don’t lose people through different rabbit holes and side tangents. Make your story have a clear goal and resolution so viewers have a distinct lesson, memory or feeling to take away with your brand.

Visuals – There’s a reason kids throw a fit if you don’t show them the pictures in the book. Stories are amplified through visuals. With video, the supportive visual possibilities are endless, pull in pre-recorded media, slides, pictures and charts to help drive your message home.

Trustworthy – Your story will have only truly accomplished its goal if it helps you build trust with your audience. After putting work into finding a message and visuals that fit your story don’t ruin it by making the punchline buy, buy, buy! Allow your story to do the job of thought leadership and there will be a return.

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