Improving Lead Quality and Quantity with Hybrid Events

New customer’s often worry, “will a virtual event cannibalize my physical event?”. The answer is no – in fact the answer to this common misconception is quite the opposite. Hybrid events, consisting of both a physical and virtual audience give you the best of both worlds and provides for the best qualifications of leads.

In this digital world we can pretty much track every activity a user takes online.  From the moment a user registers for the event their activity is captured. Footprints are left behind no matter what path a user takes and these insights are gold mines for event hosts.

In an online event, attendees’ behaviors are tracked in real-time from registration, login, sessions attended, time spent, event spaces and sponsor booths visited, event or session engagement (questions, tweets, chats, downloads etc.), to post event activities.  This collection of behavioral data shapes a users profile and scores a lead for better qualification when handing them off to sales.

In a physical event, you can’t walk behind your attendees at a physical event and capture every activity they participate in, however, there are still key ways to track your leads.

With a mobile app attendees can add sessions to their agenda or select the sessions they plan on attending so you can better understand their content interests.  Then you can scan attendees as they enter the session to measure your conversions (intent on attending to actually attending).

The mobile app is not only a digital show guide and a map of your venue but also an extension of the event to the attendees hands and gives them the opportunity to consume content from their device.  Networking and finding other attendees can be hard when at a large conference, but with a “who’s here” feature you can easily see who is at the conference and try to connect with them.

For an event host having a lead scanning feature included in your event app allows sponsors to scan leads so they know who they might have talked to and some even give you the option to score the lead after you scan them which could be very helpful with sales follow-up.

As you can see, combining both a virtual and physical audience not only doubles your lead quanity, but also your quality of scoring. During a hybrid event it is also important to offer engagement between the two audiences.

Second-screen is a powerful technology that can be used to give your physical audience a voice from their device so they can ask the speaker questions and engage with other attendees both physical and virtual through chat, twitter etc without pulling a ton of bandwidth.

Newsdesks streamed live at the physical event for the virtual audience offer exclusive interviews with keynote speakers and event attendees, and transfer some of the excitement and energy of a physical event to a virtual audience.

At the end of the day, the combination of a hybrid event offers a simple and clear benefit – The more options for engagement, the more likely the audience will participate and the better your qualification will be.

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