Inbound Marketing for Your Virtual Conference

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On Thursday, June 16, 2011, HubSpot is hosting the Inbound Marketing Virtual Conference. We have the honor and privilege of providing the virtual platform for the conference. In addition, I’ll be joining Eric Vreeland (@vreeland), HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Manager in presenting the first session of the conference.

Inbound Marketing Best Practices: Virtual Conferences

I’ll be covering best practices on leveraging inbound marketing to generate registrations for your virtual conference. Eric, in turn, will cover tips on managing your registrations: how to turn them into attendees and how to best structure your virtual conference program.

Side note: we’re a customer of HubSpot’s inbound marketing software. We use HubSpot to manage our inbound marketing, leveraging our web site content (including this blog) to generate sales leads.

Session Outline

My tips for virtual conference inbound marketing will focus on:

  1. Starting early
  2. Optimizing microsite and registration page
  3. Promoting via social media (yes, it’s a form of inbound marketing!)
  4. Using multiple flavors of content
  5. Constantly measuring and optimizing

Register for the virtual conference here:

Date: June 16,2011

Time: 11AM-5PM ET

Eric and I kick off the virtual conference with our session at 11AM ET. Our session is titled “Inbound Marketing for Your Virtual Conference.” Join the conversation on Twitter! Please use the hash tag #InboundVC in your tweets. Hope to see you there.


Post contributed by Dennis Shiao