Innovation Profile: The University of Toledo’s Virtual Orientation

the university of toledo virtual orientation

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“Congratulations on your acceptance to The University of Toledo. On behalf of UT, I’d like to welcome you to the Rocket family.” That was a welcome greeting from Julie Fischer-Kinney, The University of Toledo’s Director of the Office of New Student Orientation Programs. In the past, Julie’s welcome would happen in a gathering on the campus square. In 2011, The University of Toledo (@UToledo) is ushering in a new era in University Orientation by shifting elements of their orientation program online, powered by INXPO’s VX Platform.

Transfer students to the University viewed Ms. Fischer-Kinney’s welcome via a pre-recorded video that played once they landed in a Virtual Orientation platform. This innovative use of technology is the university’s approach to create an online orientation for incoming transfer students. During the registration process, transfer students are provided with the option of attending the traditional “face to face” orientation, or one that occurs 100% online.

Orientation at a Self-Directed Pace

Today’s students grew up in an on-demand world. Entertainment is delivered to them when and where they want it. They rarely had to show up at a pre-determined day or time – things were done on their schedule. Accordingly, The University of Toledo has provided a series of on-demand videos to acquaint transfer students about all things UT. To complete the online orientation program, students are required to view 100% of the on-demand videos.

An Interactive Campus Tour

the university of toledo interactive campus map

Transfer students may wonder how to get to the lecture hall on the first day of class. With an interactive map provided in the online orientation platform, students can orient themselves with the campus layout before they even step foot in the main quad.  Clicking on a building (see the blue “highlight” above) renders a 360 degree tour of that building.

Note: the 360 degree tours work by integrating third party technology into our digital platform.


Today’s generation of digital natives expect information to be delivered to them online, in interactive formats, and in ways that they can consume the content on their schedule.  The University of Toledo is leading the way with an innovative approach to student orientation.

Their new orientation program is delivered online, it’s interactive and it allows students to progress at their own pace. INXPO and The University of Toledo have begun plans to design and implement the next generation of this environment.

Kudos to The University of Toledo for envisioning and delivering on the evolution of student orientation.

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Post contributed by Dennis Shiao