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Internal Comms need Marketing approach

What internal and marketing communications (should) have in common

Internal communications have never been more important for enterprises with diverse, distributed workforces, but a surprising number of internal communication programs aren’t effective. Much of the time, there is a common thread: they aren’t treated like a marketing program.

Part of the reason internal communicators avoid marketing approaches may be the perception that “selling” employees on an idea is not necessary, or even a bad thing. In fact, the ability to persuade and inspire employees is critical.

Internal communicators should borrow a page from marketing’s playbook. This recent audience acquisition infographic from INXPO is a good place to start. It addresses important communication considerations like:
• What is the best mix of channels and frequency to reach employees? Sending the all company email just isn’t enough today.
• Is the value proposition and call to action clearly stated? Communicators need to explain WHY their internal audience should pay attention.
• Who are the respected internal champions and influencers who can amplify the message and get your audience’s attention?

This type of thinking is second nature to a marketer for external communications. Knowing that internal communicators face the same challenges cutting through the noise and engaging their audience, the same core communication principles apply.

What do you think?