Introducing CEO TV


How does the President of the United States communicate with the country? Well, among other things, he provides regular updates in The State of the Union address. The moment the President’s address concludes, the entire nation has a firm grasp on the state of things, at least from the point of view of The Oval Office.

How do CEOs communicate with their organizations? They’ll often take their show on the road, from North America to South America, from EMEA to Asia Pac. And while I don’t want to argue one way or the other, I think CEO’s should complement their current “shows” with a State of the Union address, broadcast over CEO TV. Let’s take a look at the benefits.

Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Organization, Instantly

Before President Obama is done speaking, his communications staff has already processed, summarized and analyzed instantaneous feedback, by way of tweets, Facebook posts, blog postings and live chat sessions. Isn’t the social web amazing?

CEOs have an equal opportunity. Provide a State of the Union via a live video broadcast and you’ll obtain instantaneous feedback by way of chat sessions, comments and ratings that the digital platform collects. Whether you’re presenting the coming year’s fiscal objectives or announcing organization changes, you’ll know exactly what your organization thinks. And you’ll know before you’re even done speaking. Isn’t the enterprise social web amazing?

Your Employees Want It

It’s common to feel overworked and overwhelmed these days. We’re all doing two (or more) jobs and we struggle each day with information overload. Emails, conference calls, web meetings, etc. It’s hard to keep track of what day it is! In such a frenzied environment, it’s more important than ever to keep employees informed. Your employees want to hear from you, so make sure you deliver “Must See TV” regularly.

Your Employees Are Entirely Comfortable Receiving It

Digital natives (i.e. those who grew up in this digital age) are a growing percentage of the workforce. In 10-15 years, they’ll be in your CEO seat (as you enjoy retirement on the beach). Your employees spend half their day on Facebook and the rest of their day emailing and texting. They welcome (and even expect) communications that are delivered digitally. And they also want their voice to be heard. CEO TV delivers on both.

You Lead by Example

Lead the way with the CEO TV channel and others in your organization will follow. The CFO, CMO and CTO should all have similar channels in your “TV network.” Directors and managers, too, should be broadcasting their updates to the organization. Once you “show the way” withCEO TV, you’ll find the organization adopting your practices. And everyone will be the better for it.


We have our own CEO TV at INXPO. We call it “Coffee Talk” and our CEO (Malcolm) broadcasts the first Wednesday of every month. I believe all CEO’s can create make their employees feel more informed and engaged via this platform. So what are you waiting for? Your audience awaits.