Inviting an Audience – Get Your Message Across

Get Your Message AcrossWe’ve all played the telephone game when we were kids, telling something to one person and laughing at how much the message changed by the time it was repeated back by the last person in the chain. When you’re communicating to your audience about your product or service you want to grab their attention and make sure that your message is memorable enough to be captured correctly by everyone in your communication chain.

Here are some key points your message should always contain and some tips to structuring strong messaging.

Building a Strong Case

  • Tell your audience how you will solve their business problem or provide knowledge that will help them achieve an organizational or person goal.
  • Segment your audience so that you can personalize your message by what is important to each group.
  • Explain how you’re different and better than your competitors.
  • Clearly state the call to action. What do you want your audience to do when they are finished reading.

A Little Structure is Good

  • Concise: State your point first, then support it.
  • Highlight Value: Define and address the benefits/value of your content.
  • Relevant: Balance what you need to communicate with what your audience needs to know.
  • Compelling: Your message should stimulate action .
  • Memorable: Use copy that is easy to recall and repeat; avoid run-on sentences, less is more.
  • Simple: Easy-to-understand language; avoid jargon and acronyms. Some of your readers might be new to the industry. Put the acronym is parenthesis upon the first reference.  [i.e. …American Medical Association (AMA)…]
  • One-to-One – Always strive to speak to one person, not “all of you.”
  • Do it in Style – Stay professional and focused, but let your personality show.
  • Details Count – Make sure to fix and typos or grammatical errors; they can taint the validity of your message.
  • Timing is Everything – Make sure you provide multiple communication and give your audience time to act.

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