INXPO Elevates Solutions with Its Event Cloud®

INXPO_EventCloudINXPO’s Event Cloud will be introduced with our 12.8 product release. The Event Cloud focuses on security, content distribution and centralizing events into a single destination with its cloud based enterprise-ready event platform.

The release will be available to all customers on April 9, 2016. A highlighted new feature includes security enhancements to INXPO’s Event Cloud®, its core event platform including double opt-in for registration verification along with protected password creation for administrators.

Other features of the release include access to the new Event Center that allows users to connect multiple events or individual webcasts in a single location for easy access. Packaging events into themes or categories allows easy navigation for attendees in a familiar destination. Instant Media Downloads allow customers to immediately download MP4 files of their webcasts for syndication outside of the INXPO platform. With flexible recording options including full console recording, media and slides, and slides only, the auto-generated files can be customized to fit the customers’ needs.

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