INXPO’s 12.9 Release Furthers Marketers Ability to Drive Quality Leads through Online Events

12.9 Product ReleaseWe are expanding our Event Cloud® product line with our 12.9 Product Release made available to all customers on June 25, 2016.

For Webcasting customers the new Webcast Portal provides a streamlined, intuitive vehicle for customers to showcase live and on-demand webcasts embedded directly on their website. The Webcast Portal is a great marketing tool giving your live and on-demand webcasts a branded destination that can be used to drive interest to other programming.

Business TV (BTV) or Corporate Communications customers will be introduced to the Spotlight Editor, which allows for customization and scheduling of programs displayed in the featured Spotlight section inside their video portal.

For Online Event customers, the new Agenda Builder gives attendees the opportunity to create individual online event experiences with personalized agendas.

Lastly, our marketing automation integration has new upgrades for Virtual Event customers. The update improves lead generation quality and simplifies the collection process by providing customers with access to presentation-level activity and engagement data.

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