Is the “Flipped Classroom” model right for your online learning strategy?

We’ve entered a new era of education thanks to interactive video technology. In this new era, the roles of learner and trainer are evolving to accelerate the knowledge acquisition process. In this brief video blog, Emma King, vice president of event and learning strategy at INXPO, discusses how the Virtual Classroom is revolutionizing education.

Learning has changed, and it is enabling us to rethink how we deliver training, King says. Utilizing a “flipped classroom,” the interactive Virtual Classroom is an empowering, enriching way for students to learn, whether in schools or in the workplace.

In a “flipped classroom” model, students are able to complete pre-assigned work such as watching a video or reading handouts, and completing self-assessments before the scheduled training. This gives the trainer the ability to encourage interaction and a deeper dive into the educational content. Students in the Virtual Classroom come ready to learn, and the trainer facilitates the process much more effectively than was possible previously. To learn more, click on the video!