Key Metrics Every Video Program Should Have

Key Metrics Every Video Should HaveOur 12.9 Product Release included improved marketing automation that helps with  better qualifying your leads and simplifies the data collection process. As for most things, a cleaner and more detailed perspective leads to more insights. When it comes to lead generation specifically, having more insights on leads creates better nurturing and scoring programs and a fuller marketing funnel.

There are many things to track in every video program, often the most important is attendance. Anyone who airs a video or webcast is curious to see how many people watched it and if it reached high enough audience numbers. However, in today’s age of multitasking, not all of those viewers should be scored the same. In order to effectively score leads, they must be scored based on their receptiveness to content. Quality leads over quantity in this case.


Here are the key metrics to consider for when scoring leads:

Duration – How long did they last in the video program? Did they come back multiple times to the webcast?

Questions asked – Did they submit questions to show they’re paying attention to content?

Chat – Did they interact with others in the chat?

Respond to polling questions – Are they absorbing what they are learning?

Socializing – Are they posting on social media or inviting a friend through email?

Downloaded handouts – Are they interested in saving or learning more information?

Open and close widgets – Are they clicking and engaged in the program or is it just running in the background?

Return users for on-demand – Did they come back to learn more after the live date?


Each of these metrics will help you to score your leads and qualify them as very interested or someone you may want to nurture more because they weren’t that involved. Whatever your scoring system, use these measurements as a gauge to see who is ready to buy and who you want to keep inviting to attend your programs until they are ready.

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