Leaders and Innovators in Online Events, Learning, and Communities Gather to Share Knowledge

Virtual Edge Summit

The Virtual Edge Institute is a great resource if you are involved in virtual events and online community. Their annual Virtual Edge Summit is coming up September 17. This online event is packed with info from practitioners who have been down the road and understand how to be successful with digital initiatives. Topics include:

  • Insights from the C-Suite – how to have “the talk” about going digital
  • Making money with digital events
  • Value beyond monetization
  • Scalable success – smaller organizations do big things
  • How to get started – choosing the right technology

If you already have some experience under your belt, hear what others are doing and get ideas. If you are new to the game, this is a great primer and the fastest way to explore all facets of your program strategy and tactics.

And, we are proud that VEI is using INXPO to host this event. So not only will you benefit from a world class program, but you’ll experience INXPO’s best in class online event platform first hand!

Check out the Virtual Edge Summit now >>