Leveling the Playing Field – A Case Study in the Power of Webcasting Technology

online_footprintHere’s a problem that you love to have: Like many internet companies, our business footprint and presence is practically 100% online. Like most internet businesses, we are always open for business, and literally anyone in the world has the potential to be a customer. So if you are a service based business producing webinars and webcasts, and you cultivate clients that are not just out of your area code but are on the other side of the world – what do you do? You adjust to the that client’s time, and you therefore need to staff some very odd hours. Time for employee perks, lots of coffee, and sharing the off-hours events love. But business is business! So as long as it makes sense and it’s profitable, they are problems – and opportunity – that you love to have.

Working in a technical, computer based field means you are contributing to a business market that largely did not exist a generation before. 35 years ago, a company’s success was dependent upon the number of customers it could reach within its geographical location. The vast majority of small businesses remained small, and did not expand beyond that initial geographical footprint. Nowadays of course that’s all changed because of the internet. There’s still nothing wrong with being a business that caters to clients within a specific area, but the opportunity lost – and in our case the opportunity gained by being an internet based webcasting business – is tremendous.

Webcasting technology has enabled us to do business anywhere in the world, and even more significantly it has allowed us to compete with practically any competitor in the world. We’re able to compete, regardless of size or market share. It has allowed us to swim with the biggest fish in the ocean. When our team is working in a studio in New York with the likes of Robert Herjavec or Barbara Corcoran to produce a webcast on INXPO, I am struck by the old adage that technology is a true leveler of playing fields. We are living proof, a case study if you will, in the power of technology to boost all ships that float on an incoming tide.

Of course it’s up to us to choose the correct technology, and to ensure we are partnering with companies that remain on the cutting edge. The services that we provide to our clients are supported by the partners that we choose, and so these are choices that we do not make lightly. We’re all fortunate to work in an industry that directly impacts our culture and society, and it’s exciting to imagine where innovations might take us next. From humble beginnings, technology has enabled our company to expand far past where we live and work, to compete on a global stage. With the support of our partners and our internal commitment to excel in what we do, we intend to remain on the stage for many years to come.

V2 is a leading provider of webinar and webcasting services worldwide.
Written by guest author Aaron Cole, Director, Business Development at V2.