Leveraging Video: The Future of Strategic Corporate Communications


From product releases to company news flashes, video is used everywhere in business today to communicate. Video is the new standard on how people become informed and learn. Taking its lead from TV, video conveys in one minute, what may have taken 10+ printed pages. Less time, more interesting, and a higher level of retention are the key business benefits from video.

The end result is that video is a faster more interesting method to communicate and for the audience to learn. There are two primary categories where video is leveraged for corporate communications.

Live Broadcast Streaming and Pre-Recorded Videos

This type of video can be pre-recorded or streamed live and like watching the news on TV, the ­­audience views, but does not engage with the content. While highly effective to quickly deliver it’s messaging, this form of video delivery is single direction, speaker to audience.  It is not interactive.  This type of solution is deployed by many enterprises today.

Although widely used as an acceptable means of communication with internal audience, video lacks engagement and the ability for audiences to communicate directly with the presenter. Webcasting is the solution to this problem using interactive presentations to actively communicate with presenter and other audience members.

Interactive Live Presentation Streaming –Webcasting

Webcasting includes presenters that are live simulive or recorded and deliver content using a combination of communication tools including; video of the speaker(s), slides, screen sharing and video clips combined with audience engagement tools like; polling, Q&A, audience & speaker chat, and passing of the conversation between the speakers and the audience. All of the presentation content and engagement elements are accessible from a PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

Presentations are one of the most powerful business tools that allow individuals with knowledge to educate, motivate, and engage large groups of people at the same time. These presentations deliver sales, learning, marketing information and the acceptance of change. While presentations have historically been done physically, the INXPO Social Business TV platform allows presenters to instantly reach large groups of people, anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Corporate Communication Strategy 

INXPO’s Social Business TV solution enables enterprises to communicate to their audiences through a centralized location and encourage communication and collaboration between employees and executive teams. Leveraging powerful tools like Polling, Q&A and Chat, presenters can package video and other content to be shared and accessed from a website, corporate network or through social communities.

The INXPO platform provides a privately branded online destination that can be configured to allow only small groups of authorized viewers like Senior executives, employee groups, clients, Business partners or be open to the larger general public. This functionality allows enterprises to deliver specific messages to the correct audience and start an engaging two-way conversation.

Corporate Communication Strategy

Corporate communication strategies incorporate video in order to be more efficient with time, be more entertaining and have a higher level of retention for important messages. But including the engagement tools, a secure destination, and ease of use available through INXPO’s Social Business TV solution, companies can increase the level of participations in an event, raise understanding between employees and executive teams, and open up the channels of communications between all audiences making for an overall better company.