Making Digital Events More Social


A few weeks ago, I attended a social media seminar and shared with you some ways that Companies Can Leverage #SocialMedia. Here at INXPO, we understand the importance of social media and have been working hard to enhance our platform emphasize the importance of social connections within our virtual events. On December 16, 2011, we released version 10.4 of the INXPO Platform. I’d like to share some of our new and exciting social media enhancements.


inxpo badge center leaderboard

Our new badge program is an excellent way to identify users and to reward attendees on their event participation and engagement. Achievement badges are similar to those on social network sites such as Foursquare, and are earned by completing specified actions within the virtual event.

Our standard badge template includes badges such as the “social butterfly” badge which is earned by participating in a number of one-on-one chats within the event. Show hosts can also fully customize their badge program, choosing how badges are earned and uploading their own badge images. To further enhance a feeling of peer recognition and achievement and promote completion between event participants, the Badge Leaderboard is displayed within the Badge Center space.

Social Profile

inxpo social profile

The Social Profile is a new, enhanced user profile alternative available for all events that will display users’ badges, recommendations, social wall, and communication and content collections. By combining key features such as recommendations, badges, connections and communication in one central location, social dialog and engagement is encourage among  event participants.

Social Wall

inxpo social wall

Although our Social Wall was included in our previous release, it’s definitely still worth highlighting. Similar to popular social media sites, the Social Message Wall allows a user to post and comment in line, threading conversations by topic. This familiar message-board style makes it easy to follow a particular conversation, and even gives the user the ability to “like” a post.  Users can opt to receive email notifications once a new post or comment has been made, therefore increasing the life of the virtual event beyond the live days.


Virtual events are all about two-way communications. Our new features emphasize social engagement and make it even easier for participants to connect, share, network and collaborate.

All of the features I’ve highlighted are available at no additional cost. Use the comments area below to let us know which features you plan to activate for your next digital or hybrid event.


Post contributed by Lauren Wolf