Making Visual Story-Telling Possible

a video is worth a million words

I make visual story-telling possible.  by Katherine Pudi Jordan

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so does that make video worth a million? As humans it is easier for us to respond to pictures and videos that provide visual cues and quick messages. Take the success of Facebook & Instagram where photos of your friends and family allow you to stay close and connected. Now look at YouTube one of the most popular sites in the world where the power of video is used to communicate a message to millions of users.

About 5 years ago, I moved across the country to California from Chicago, IL. and embraced social channels so I can stay connected to family and friends since seeing them regularly was no longer an option. In addition, working from a satellite office with a distributed workforce leveraging video communication tools was necessary in staying close to the team. Turning on my webcam in a meeting immediately brought the human element back to the conversation.

Now let’s take this approach and apply it to a company’s brand where conveying emotion and building a personality through the use of images and video makes for great story-telling.

Marketers are constantly challenged with ways to communicate a message or reach an audience and even though we know what we want to say we are always thinking about the audience and where they spend their time so we can deliver the message to the right address.   Once you have the right address now you need to tell your story.  

At INXPO, we use videos and images to bring our content to life for our audience. Using a mix of content types such customer video case studies, infographics, and webcasts we try to keep our message engaging focusing on the benefit to our audience.

A brand is the relationship between the company and its audience. When we speak to our audience we want to make sure we are capturing their attention, which can be difficult with the overload of information they are receiving on a daily basis. Incorporating the human element (a good story told by a good speaker) can really give you that emotional take-away you are searching for that will last in the minds of your audience.

 So if images are worth a thousand words, what is the value of video?

 According to the Huffington Post

  • Forty billion videos are streamed in the U.S. each month.
  • Seventy-five million people watch videos online each month.

Those numbers are pretty powerful and at INXPO we believe video has become the best tool to creating an emotional connection with your audience. A good video can inspire your audience to take action creating a human connection to your brand, which in my opinion is priceless.

INXPO’s enterprise video experiences including webcasting, online events and video portals allow a brand to reach its partners, customers, and employees making marketing magic happen!

Join us October 21-23 at B2B 2015 Marketing Forum Booth #409 where we will be talking to marketing professionals to learn more about how they make marketing magic with video.