Marketo Summit Highlights

MarketoSummitKeynoteMarketo’s Marketing Nation Summit is well on its way and we have tons of inspiration to share with you. The Summit is all about “Tomorrow’s Marketer” and digital transformation happening across an organization. There were many great takeaways from the keynotes, but here are some of our favorite highlights.

Marketo’s CEO Phil Fernandez spoke on how tomorrow’s marketer needs to be a strategist who must transform and think differently in the new digital age. Technology is making customers expect more – they now want customized and engaging digital marketing experiences when engaging with new products and brands. Fernandez also stressed that, “tomorrow’s marketer never leaves sight of the customer”. This got us thinking about how we are touching our customers throughout their entire lifecycle.

Utilizing virtual events and live video streaming is a great way to modernize your marketing plan to the digital transformation, while giving your customer the engaging, customized experience they are looking for. INXPO’s Event Cloud® can be used to deploy Marketing Events any stage of the customer’s journey. It also helps with, as Fernandez mentioned, interacting with your customer through all channels of communication. Whether it’s as a lead generation tool or interacting with current and prospective clients about a new product release, online events and webcasts give you the opportunity to continuously touch your customers.

Alison Levine was another keynote speaker highlight. She is a two-time climber of Mount Everest and the author of New York Times bestseller On the Edge. One of Alison’s most powerful quotes about her journey up Mount Everest that applies to any tactic in marketing is that, “backing up is not the same as backing down”. She went on to explain how you need to give yourself the freedom to fail and be accepting of feeling fear in order to take risks and really succeed.

At INXPO we often see this with our customers who choose to host live broadcasts. It can be fearful to broadcast yourself live without complete security in what could happen next. However, learning from your failures and taking risks can help you give a truly authentic form of marketing with great rewards. As Levine said, “you don’t always need absolute clarity to put one foot in front of the other”.

If you missed the keynotes in person, INXPO is live streaming both keynotes and they will also be available on-demand tomorrow.

Day 1 Keynote: Tuesday, May 10th – 9:00am PT – 10:15am PT* 

Phil Fernandez – Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Marketo

Alison Levine – History Making Mountaineer

                Day 2 Keynote: Wednesday, May 11th – 3:30pm PT – 5:30pm PT

Sanjay Dholakia – CMO, Marketo

Gary Briggs – CMO, Facebook

Jamie Gutfreund – Global CMO, Wunderman

Rachel Platten – Pop Star and Songwriter

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