Moving to Self-Service Digital Events? Some Things to Consider.


To build and configure your digital event, there are three common service models:

  1. Full-service
  2. Self-service
  3. Blended

In the full-service model, your platform provider handles the end-to-end configuration and production of your event. The provider shares a timeline, which includes “due dates” for a set of deliverables related to your digital event.

In the self-service model, you (as the client) are trained and certified on the digital event platform and you build and configure the digital event, all on your own.

In the blended model, there’s an agreed-upon split between what your provider configures and what you configure.

Benefits of Self-Service

There are several benefits to move to self-service production of your digital events:

  1. Cost savings.
  2. Time efficiency (get your events quicker to market).
  3. Direct control of the timeline.
  4. Ability to offer a streamlined experience to you end clients.

Our partner US Motivation, who’s moved to self-service, notes that it provides “cost savings, as well as efficiency in the amount of time it takes to deploy an event.”

One Smooth Stone is another self-service partner of our’s. They note that the benefit of self-service is “the ability to listen to clients, digest what they’re saying and immediately begin building it.”

Key Considerations

Before leaping headlong onto the self-service bandwagon, organizations must perform an analysis to ensure that it makes sense to do so. Key considerations include:

  1. Organizational readiness. You might be ready, but self-service enablement involves the organization as a whole and not any one individual.
  2. Resource availability. How many personnel do you have who are ready and willing?
  3. Cost benefit analysis. Project the amount of cost savings, balanced against the overhead costs of your personnel.
  4. Staged migration. Rather than going “cold turkey,” consider a phased approach from full service to self service.
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Post contributed by Dennis Shiao