NAB Show Virtual View: Best Practices from a Digital Extension

NAB Show Virtual View Best Practices from A Digital Extension

Disclosure: NAB Show Virtual View was produced by NAB and Freeman and runs on the INXPO VX Platform.


NAB Show Virtual View is the digital extension of NAB Show 2011. You can register and access the digital extension here: From my bird’s eye view of Virtual View today (i.e. logged into the environment as an attendee), I’d like to share a few best practices that I observed.

Incorporate On-Site Elements into the Digital Extension

In key areas of the digital extension, attendees can view a brief video from Brad Williams of NAB, who tells you about what a given “space” has to offer (an example can be seen in the image above). As you’ll notice, the video was filmed on-location at NAB Show in Vegas, complete with the hustle and bustle of the show happening behind Brad. The digital extension can also include footage from exhibitor booths at the show. Which brings me to my next point…

Allow Sponsors to “Show And Tell”

NAB Show Video Booth Tour

Pictured: A Video Booth Tour from NAB Show Virtual View’s “Interative Showcase” – the booth tours are powered by Performedia and integrated into the INXPO VX Platform.

Physical trade show sponsors can provide a “show and tell” to visitors, demonstrating their latest products “up close and personal.” NAB Show visited exhibitors at the physical show and captured video tours of their booths. When visitors enter “Interactive Showcase” spaces in the digital extension, the first thing they view is the recorded tour. And, if you notice in the image above, the person providing the video tour is also available (to chat) in the digital space – a very neat thing.

Create Structure Around Your Lounge Chats

NAB Show Interactive Chats

While free-flowing conversation can be good, often times, visitors arrive in a Networking Lounge and don’t know where to begin. NAB Show Virtual View seeded the dialog by planning (and communicating) explicit themes for each hour of the show. As you see in the image above, they clearly highlight what topic visitors should be chatting about.


There’s a lot we can all learn in the arena of hybrid events and digital extensions. NAB Show Virtual View has done some neat and exciting things. Let us know what you have planned in your hybrid events and digital extensions!


Post contributed by Dennis Shiao