NEW White Paper: How to Improve Your Internal Communications

inxpo white paper improve your internal communications

Download the White Paper: How to Improve Your Organization’s Internal Communications.

Here’s the premise for our latest white paper:
 “It seems that business moves at a rate more rapid than ever before. We hop on early morning conference calls with Europe, attend a series of meetings in the morning and afternoon, check emails in the late afternoon, then try to make sense of the day after dinner.
All the while, organizations aim to grow revenue, expand abroad and lower costs. To deliver on objectives and business priorities, organizations need to make quick business decisions and act swiftly. Those that don’t, after all, will be in a constant struggle to keep up with the competition. 
As organizations race to meet their business goals, what’s one thing that can be neglected? Consistent and effective internal communications.”
White Paper Outline

We’ve structured our white paper as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Benefits of Effective Internal Communications
    • Everyone on the Same Page
    • Higher Employee Engagement
    • Increased Productivity
    • Effective Internal Communications Yields Benefits Externally
    • Stronger Employee Retention
  • Improving Internal Communications
    • Inventory and Audit Existing Initiatives
    • Create a Framework for New Initiatives
    • Identify Objectives
    • Identify and Segment Your Audiences
    • Identify Success Metrics
    • Develop and Standardize on Communications Programs
  • Successful Internal Communications Tactics: Online Programs
  • Bringing It All Together
Download the Paper
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Post contributed by Dennis Shiao