News Roundup – What’s new in the digital workplace

news-roundup- Video Industry editionINXPO is bringing you a round-up of important news stories from the industry.  In this edition, we’ve found a range of articles focusing on aspects of video from internal communications to a PCMA scholarship opportunity. Also, Snapchat just got more interesting than the rainbow you can make come out of your mouth. Have suggestions or comments? Let us know by submitting a comment.

PCMA Calgary Scholarship

PCMA is offering a scholarship opportunity for the 2016 Spring DES Course. The scholarship values over $1,000 USD, including DES application, exam fee and LIVE 7-Week Online Course which runs March 30th-May 11th or a self-paced course. It will be a great opportunity for professionals interested in the digital space to gain the most-updated education after a complete DES course rewrite. For more information on the Scholarship and how to apply, click here.

The internal communication term of the year: ‘digital workplace’ 

More attention is needed on the long-term strategy toward building an entire workplace that is truly digital. To do so, internal communicators are best served when digital workplace investments tie to business goals and objectives.

How to use training to foster healthy and engaged employees 

Engaged employees are a direct result on the investment put into them. INXPO’s employee onboarding and training solutions can reach a large employee audience while still giving a personalized and interactive approach.

Meet the modern learner 

Today’s employees are overwhelmed, distracted and impatient. Flexibility in where and how they learn is increasingly important. If only 1% of a typical workweek is all that employees have to focus on training and development, it’s important to have accessible and efficient corporate learning through a virtual classroom solution.

Lastly just for fun: Snapchat will now let you create custom geofilters for that party or wedding 

We love any interesting advancement in the video tech world. Snapchat is rolling out new “on-demand” geofilter that allows people and businesses to pay for custom filters, which will temporarily appear within the app.