News Roundup – Adapting to the Digital Era

news-roundupThe rise of video has been the name of the game for 2016, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2017. Knowing how to change your business best practices for the Digital Era can be a bit of a learning curve, but all good things come with time. This News Roundup takes a look at many different aspects of the hosting a virtual event and how to consistently fine tune and tweak to perfection for 2017. 


How to Improve Your Tech Marketing Videos With E-Learning Insights

In tech companies, getting people to grasp new ideas and new ways of doing things is especially critical to the sales process. That got me wondering whether I might be able to apply teaching—or learning—principles to the marketing videos we make for them.

Why Don’t Participants Want to Ask Questions at Events?
Picture this scene. The presenter finishes their session, the moderator steps on stage and asks the audience “are there any questions?” Anyone who has ever organized a conference will know this scene well. In fact, during our recent client event, over 50% of event professionals cited a lack of questions from the audience as the biggest barrier when looking to create audience interaction at events.

The Power of Live: The Benefits of Incorporating Video into Your Events
Storytelling, User-Generated Content, Virtual Reality… The global event series, Social Media Week is known for covering a range of exciting topics of relevance to our industry. Video, however, is one trend that really seemed to jump out at me as part of the London installment.

The Psychology Behind Gamification
Earlier this year, we released a new gamification feature for our mobile app event. Now, we’re diving into the psychology behind gamification – what it is, why it works, how it works, and why you should be using it at your next event.

7 Tips to Harness Your Event Superpowers
From planning and promotion to execution and follow-up, great events require a killer strategy with a heaping dose of tenacity to pull off. Those who do it well seem superhuman, with powers we mere normals do not possess.

Booth Staffing Tips for the Digital Era
Staffing for trade shows and events has changed. Before “Big Data” and the proliferation of electronic marketing it was sales people who reigned supreme at the show. Their personality and ability to connect with people were key tools for getting more people into the booth.