News Roundup- Audience Engagement

News Roundup - Audience Engagement
INXPO is now bringing you a round-up of important news stories from the industry.  We’ve all heard the buzzword “engagement”. In this edition, we’ve found an number of articles focusing on just how to stay engaged. Whether it’s engaged employees or audiences attending virtual events, we’ve got it covered. Have suggestions or comments? Let us know by submitting a comment.

3 Key Virtual Engagement Lessons for Meeting Professionals

INXPO recently streamed the PCMA Convening Leaders conference is a three day long virtual event. Hybrid professionals reveal their best tips for keeping your virtual events audience engaged and interested throughout the length of the event.

What your Business Could Gain From Employee Engagement 

Everyone is talking about employee engagement, but do you fully understand the benefits?  We hear this every day from our clients; INXPO’s Business TV is how many of them strengthen employee engagement and realize the benefits listed in this article.

Preparing your Enterprise Network for the YouTube Generation 

Millennial are simply expecting video, having grown up being able to produce or consume a video at their fingertips. See how enterprises are preparing themselves to catch up with their employees trends.

VMware Makes a Play for the Digital Enterprise 

CMS Wire covers our client VMware unveiling their new platform through a worldwide virtual event powered by INXPO. “The product promises to make it easy for IT to deliver secure digital workspaces to anyone, anywhere, at any time, via any device, apps included.”



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