News Roundup – Creating Memorable Video Content

news-roundupWith thousands of hours of video content out there, how do you make yours memorable? This News Roundup gathers tips from meeting professionals to Queen Bey on creating video content that will stand out, and how viewers are consuming and engaging. 

Futurecast: How Your Audience Will Consume Content by 2020

Lanza shared a statistic to highlight the importance of video production for every type of organization: by 2020, more than 80 percent of all content on the Internet will be video. So what do all these numbers mean for organizations in the meetings and convention industry?  It’s time to invest more resources to create compelling video content that will capture the attention of prospective attendees.

How to Create Memorable Content for Attendees

We consume personalized content on a daily basis (even if we don’t realize it), so it comes as no surprise that the trend is also coming into play at live events. People increasingly expect the events they attend to include carefully curated content programs that are tailored to their wants and needs.  

Three Things About Video Content we can Learn from Beyoncé

If video killed the radio star, then when MTV cancelled TRL and stopped playing music videos, we all resigned ourselves to the fact that the internet killed the video star. However, in the years since we’ve had a dedicated TV channel for music videos, they have only become more popular.

You Value Your Speakers- So Why are You Discounting Them?

Speakers sell the invisible. The intangible. The possible. They create feelings in your attendees that cause them to take action at work, at home, and in their communities. And yet, all too often, even $10,000-a-gig professional speakers get that dreaded call from a meeting planner. You know, that one that goes something like this: “We are a non-profit—we need a discount.”

Virtual Reality Takes on the Videoconference

With equipment for virtual-reality viewing now on the consumer market, public tech companies and venture capitalists are exploring possible applications in everything from videogames to medicine. And some are betting that virtual-reality headsets could be the next big thing in business-meeting software, upending the dreaded videoconference call.

Four Insights on Leveraging Live Streaming for Events

As live streaming picks up steam, event marketers continue to gain insight on how to perfect their use of the emerging technology. Regardless of which service is utilized, executing a seamless streaming experience is vital to any brand looking to benefit from it.