News Roundup- Marketers Investing More in Video and Events

news-roundupIn this month’s News Roundup we found articles highlighting how marketers are investing more of their budgets in video and events. In a business world swamped with email campaigns, experimental marketing through virtual events is the new way to go. Need convincing? Check out the articles below. 

Marketers Likely Return Users of Virtual Events

Perhaps the phrase “Try it! You’ll like it” is good advice for marketers who haven’t dipped their toe into the water yet (of virtual events). Not only did marketers who had hosted events plan to schedule more of them, they also were more likely to recognize the benefits. These marketers experienced increased lead generation and attendee engagement when they hosted virtual events.

CMOs Are Investing More in Live Events to Engage Distracted Audiences

“Marketers around the world are embracing experiential marketing as a primary driver of their marketing mix,” said Jeff Stelmach, president of Mosaic. “Experiential marketing is being used as both a standalone channel and as an integrated part of overall campaigns.”

The Most Popular Types of SMB Marketing Videos

Some 85% of small and medium-sized businesses are currently using video or intend to use video in the near future as part of their marketing efforts, according to a recent report from Magisto.

The Second Screen Experience 

Mobile devices are ubiquitous, and it’s only natural for attendees to look at them during your meeting presentations. So why not take advantage of that fact, and use them to increase interactivity and engagement? 

Are Startups Addicted to Meaningless Jargon?

This article is worth a laugh because most of us are guilty. As startup culture has gone global and transcended stereotypes, though, one of its defining traits has stuck around. Startup jargon is alive and well, and it seems to be getting worse.