News Roundup – The Attendee of the Future

news-roundupAs one article in this News Roundup sites, most people would agree with Jerry Seinfeld’s humorous claim that most people at a funeral would rather be the corpse than the person delivering the eulogy. However, it is time to shake the nerves of publically speaking face-to-face, even if it’s through a virtual video. The articles we collected below show how the next generation is expecting to be engaged with and tips on how to be ahead of the virtual marketing trends.

The Attendee of the Future

Generation C are the attendees of the future, united by their behavior and expectations, rather than their age bracket. Modern attendees thrive on these C’s – Connection, Communication, Curation and Community.

How to Engage Younger Audiences: Tips from a Gen Z

Engineers, innovators, thinkers, and leaders interested in understanding the next generation of consumers, employees, and pioneers must first comprehend why it’s important to really engage with us, then create an environment for these conversations to take place. These tips, observed and curated by a Gen Z (me!), will help leaders create an atmosphere that will cultivate a unique opportunity for discussion and deeper audience engagement.

Three Rules for Holding Virtual Meetings that People Don’t Hate

Companies today operate across multiple time zones as a matter of course. And recent years have seen a boom in collaborative technologies to help them do that. But you may not know it based on the way many companies still conduct meetings. Conducting high-quality virtual conversations still isn’t second nature for many of us.

14 Myths About How to Give a Great Presentation

For thousands of men and women, speaking in front of a group is an experience that is feared. More than a fear of heights, spiders or even dying, if you can believe it.

10 Trends in Corporate Events

One of the best ways to make a name for yourself in the event industry is to self-educate and always be on trend. You don’t want to waste your time following fads that never amount to much but staying up-to-date on what clients are interested in, or better yet, offering them trendy options before they’ve even heard of them will keep you at the top of their event planner list.