News Roundup – The Golden Age of Video

news-roundupThe combination of the event and video industry provides for a uniquely engaging experience for attendees and presenters alike. Since both can require many different moving parts, it’s important to stay on your toes and learn from others. Here are a round up of what we’ve been talking about to stay cutting edge.

12 Event Industry Statistics that will Make You Think Twice
You hear a lot of predictions and anecdotal evidence about the events industry, but we here at Planning Pod also like data … and lots of it. We were recently poking around the Web (our favorite timesink) and came across quite a few event industry statistics that didn’t square with articles and social media posts we have been reading online. (Because everyone knows if it’s on the Interwebs it must be true.)

Seven Video and Social Media Marketing Calculations for 2017
Mark Zuckerberg said at the end of 2015 that we would be in the “Golden Age of Video” for some five years. So… it’s not over yet, and business owners’ and marketers’ growing access to video will only further the shift in our social feeds in 2017.

6 Unique Ways to Promote Your Event Sponsors
If it wasn’t for your sponsors, your event might not have gotten off the ground; that’s what makes the relationship so important. Part of that relationship is based on your willingness to promote sponsors throughout your events, and it’s an obligation you should take seriously.

Video Marketing that goes Down the Funnel, Not Down the Drain
Just because we marketers know we need video doesn’t mean that we’re using it to its full potential. Are you taking advantage of the power of video at every stage of the marketing funnel? If not, you’re leaving conversions on the table.

12 Best Practices to Name Your Event
Picking a name to encompass your whole event can be high pressure, but choosing an epic event name could have attendees talking (and tweeting) about it for years to come. What’s in a name? Branding is an important step during the planning phases and many make the mistake of choosing a name and working their way outwards.