News Roundup – What Drives Millennials to Events?



Would you be surprised if we told you that 75% of millennials say they value experiences over things? Whether the experience provides an artsy picture for your next Instagram post or allows you to march alongside people who share similar beliefs, millennials value human connection. In this month’s News Roundup we found articles that reveal what drives 18-34 year-olds to events and what keeps them attending.

New Data on Millennials Reveals What Draws Them to Events
Did you know that millennials make up a whopping one third of the U.S. population? This group, falling between the ages of 18-34, make up a huge percentage of your attendee base. But they’re a powerful audience for your events for another reason: 75% of millennials say they value experiences over things.

What Do Millennials Want From Brand Events
The smartest marketers are courting millennials through experiential marketing. From branded activations at music festivals, to seasonal pop-up shops—savvy brands understand the crucial link between events and brand loyalty.

Tickets, Please: How To Attract Millennials To Your Next Event
In a world where competitive lifestyles and social media are stressing people out, it’s no surprise that the Millennial generation is turning to live events to spend money and make memories.

What Millennials Want From Your Event
Savvy planners understand their audiences. Chances are, at most events, a good portion of the audience is Millennials, the generation of people roughly between the ages of 18 and 33. According to Time magazine, this demographic now includes about 80 million people in the United States with a purchasing power of $170 billion.

How To Engage Millennials At Your Event
There is so much information out there to explain HOW to get Millennials to your event and how to increase attendance by creating great hype in the lead up to the event.. but when it’s crunch time.. and the moment comes to actually make an impact DURING the event – how do you engage with them to ensure the hype continues well after the event has ended and create a legacy?