Online Event Marketing: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

In today’s digital age, traditional event deadlines don’t always apply. Marketers often believe that they should stop marketing to prospects the day of their online event but there are still many opportunities to drive those last-minute registrants while your event is live.

Your customers may feel that they can’t get access to your event once it starts, here are a few channels you can use to change this mindset.

Your Online Event Platform

The platform your running your event from should offer you some easy ways to spread the word with invite-a-friend options on login pages and day of reminder emails as well as social sharing features in the environment. Make sure you encourage sharing within your messaging. You can also message about sharing on display ads and pop up announcements that appear in the environment.


Everyone is going non-stop and calendars fill up quickly. Stay top of mind by sending an email reminder the day before. You should also follow up with a reminder 15 minutes before the event to give registrants time to wrap up what they’re doing and shift their focus to the event.

It’s worth reaching out to those who haven’t registered and let them know there is still time to attend. Schedules and priorities may have changed since your last communication. You should also encourage them to share the news with any colleagues or team members.

Social Media

Make tweeting a group effort and ask speakers to tweet about who’s presenting. Live tweeting is a great way to push out content and, get follower’s attention to encourage attendance.

Ask your speakers and sponsors to post teaser slides of their presentations, a good sneak peek can entice followers to register. If you are hosting a hybrid event, use Facebook Live to engage users with the content and point them through your online sessions.

Encourage your speakers to create a content based post the day of their presentation to post on their wall and in industry groups they are a member of, when applicable. Ensure that they include that followers can join the event at any time that day.

Word of Mouth

Provide all customers facing employees with email messaging reminding their customers that the event is open. Although they will get your marketing email, a more personal email from a known contact will be more influential.

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