Online Sales Enablement Platform Drives Success

sales_enablementUnlike most marketing or sales best practices that are tried and true, sales enablement is a relatively new buzz word and function within the business to business community. So how can sales enablement push a sales team to even further success?

The goal of utilizing a sales enablement program is to ensure that every seller has the required skills and knowledge to improve the execution of key sales activities. Like they say during every pre-flight safety demonstration it’s important to put your oxygen mask on before assisting others. In order to sell your product or service most effectively, the seller must first enable themselves to optimize their interaction with buyers.

To simplify, sales enablement is code for sales training, and much like any other business training program it should mirror the life cycle of the employee. However, sales is unique in that learning needs to happen continuously with every new product release, or product update.  Additionally, sales forces are normally spread across different locations and regions by nature of the job. By creating a 365 online community through a sales enablement platform, no matter where the sales team is located they can access to training tools and be equipped with the resources necessary to be successful.

This creates a two prong approach to an online sales enablement community: training and equipping.

Training: Through an online training community, companies can have the same program run multiple times to accommodate different time zones and regions. The training can be streamed live to encourage engagement through chat and questions and then recorded so that the sales team can access the information at any time and it can be recycled. By being a 365 community the sales enablement platform can have a constant stream of content on a platform the team is used to. Therefore, with every release the sales team needs to learn they know to return to the platform.

Equipping: The second aspect of the sales enablement platform is making sure that the sales team always has the right tools in their tool box to make the sale. By acting like a resource library, an online sales enablement platform can house different videos, PowerPoints, tutorials and sales materials to assist in making the sale.

Finally, like with most marketing and sales programs is assessment. This gives the opportunity to reflect on how skilled and effective the sales team is and where they need further enablement in the future. Is the sales team tuning in? Are they being coached to higher levels? Are they being equipped with the right tools in order to be successful?

With this track set in place and platforms like INXPO’s Sales Enablement solution to help in the training, equipping and assessing of the sales cycle, each sales team will be on their best road to success. To learn more about INXPO’s sales enablement platform contact us at