The Monetization Series: Part 3

monetization of online eventsIn Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we’ve given you a look at our list of money-making opportunities that will allow you, the host, to maximize your event revenue and offer value to your sponsors at every price-point. In this post, we’re going to get down to BIG business and share our tips to creating large-scale sponsorship packages that bring in the big bucks. 

What I learned from the 2016 Cubs

Chicago CubsNo team in professional sports has had a longer drought between championship appearances than the Chicago Cubs. Until this year, the Cubs hadn’t played in a World Series in more than 70 years. As I think about their magical season, the Cubs have given me several lessons to implement in my business and recommend to my company’s clients. 

Engaging the Millennial Sales Force at a Distance

HCI Podcast with Dan SmaidaHuman Capital Institute (HCI) latest Nine-to-Thrive podcast interviews Dan Smaida, author and international sales consultant on how the challenge of engaging Millennial employees gets even harder when they’re salespeople living and working in the field. This podcast explores ways to use technology to build culture and connect remote Millennial sellers to the organization.