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The True Value of Customization

customizationIt’s an interesting fact of our world: innovations in technology drive an increase in ability of software and systems, and at the same time the simplification in how those tools are used allows for a wider adoption. As consumers we want the ability to broadcast ourselves to the world, but there had better be only a few settings to figure out on our smartphones or we’ll abandon it and move onto the next big thing.

Sponsoring a Virtual Booth: Making the Most of Your Cyber Space

Virtual Event Sponsor BoothParticipating in virtual tradeshows and events has become more commonplace over the last few years but not everyone is comfortable manning their virtual booths. The preparation and skills needed for a physical tradeshow are different than what will be necessary for a successful virtual experience. Let’s spend a bit of time understanding the four key factors that go into a successful virtual booth sponsorship.

Key considerations when choosing an online video communication solution

global networkLike any traditional event planning, there are many factors that go into the preparation of a webcast or online event. More often than not the logistics that make virtual events different from physical events may seem daunting to someone planning to go virtual for the first time. Choosing the right solution partner who will help to you to tackle key issues like infrastructure and bandwidth considerations will make all the difference in your planning and preparation and overall success.