See And Be Seen From An Enterprise View

appearancesFilm director Woody Allen once said, “80% of success is showing up.” He offered this advice to young screenwriters and playwrights back in the 1970s, but it’s a great philosophy today. Why? Because appearances matter more than ever.

Our culture has become accustomed to visuals, from advertising to television to fashion. How things look is hugely important to how we perceive them. Seeing – and being seen – has become a national obsession.

News Roundup- Media Consumption Habits are Changing

News Roundup- Media Consumption Habits are ChangingINXPO is bringing you a round-up of important news stories from the industry.  In this edition, we gathered a range of articles highlighting how media consumption habits are changing for video and events. From perhaps the O.G. of digital conferences TED Talks, to McDonald’s revamping their physical events, everyone is getting on board the digital event band wagon. 

Why It’s Time To Break Up With Traditional CE Programs

CE ProgramsThere’s a two-letter acronym that serves as the foundation for the majority of professional organizations: CE. Anesthesiologists, pediatricians, lawyers, zoologists and more —  employees from nearly every field count on continuing education credits. From satisfying a requirement that will maintain their operating licenses to adding a line on their resumés for a competitive edge in the job market, CE is crucial. But the digital age is raising a serious question: are we going about CE all wrong?

From Webinars to Webcasts – Best Practices to make the Jump to Video

best practices to make the jump to videoVideo is everywhere in our world today. It’s an expected part of our interactions with friends, family and business. Companies today leverage video not only to tell their story, but to generate leads and interest in their product. Video drives discussions, and decision making. Video educates and informs. Given this wide adoption (and expectation) that consumers have to see video, it can be surprising to see how many webinars today still don’t incorporate video in some fashion.