News Roundup- Audience Engagement

News Roundup - Audience Engagement
INXPO is now bringing you a round-up of important news stories from the industry.  We’ve all heard the buzzword “engagement”. In this edition, we’ve found an number of articles focusing on just how to stay engaged. Whether it’s engaged employees or audiences attending virtual events, we’ve got it covered. Have suggestions or comments? Let us know by submitting a comment.

Benefits of a 365 (Online Community) Relationship

365 online communities mean loveIt’s February, love is in the air…

You might wonder how a 356 community fits in with cupid’s arrow and chocolate.
But healthy relationships and online communities share many of the same benefits.
The same components that make up a strong thriving relationship; solid communication, accessibility, trust, and good looks, can be found in a vibrant 365 online community!