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Keep It Real to Reach Your Audience


What does it take for a person to connect with millions of people via television? It might seem like a mysterious skill that only a talented few possess, but in reality all of us have the potential to reach and engage people we can’t see.

TV personalities, especially newscasters, tend to have a charisma that makes audiences take notice. And yet, their main connection to the millions who watch them live is through a camera.

What’s the secret? It’s called telepresence. The term refers to the use of audio, video and other interactive elements to enable people to feel or appear that they’re in a location where they aren’t physically present. Telepresence is just the means for reaching audiences. Connecting with and engaging them requires other things that, fortunately, we all have within us.

What Happens When you Listen


lot has been written about the power of listening to customers. There is no doubt that listening to and developing a strong relationship with your customers is critical to business success. But I’ve learned thatit’s equally important to listen to your employees.

Recently, I sat down with dozens of our employees one on one. I’m working my way through conversations with every employee, to better understand what their passions are and help them set goals. What I found out truly amazed me.

First, I got a clear picture of just how talented our people are and how they all share a thirst to do
something great. Secondly, they also want to develop their knowledge and improve their skills.My employees shared with me what’s important to them personally, and it really opened my eyes.

6 Ways to Cut Through ‘Noise’


In business communications, the saying, “Timing is everything,” is true when it comes to capturing an audience’s attention.

We’re all busy people, with a lot on our minds most of the time. It’s really hard to stop and focus on things. Grabbing the attention of busy people requires that our communications rise above the noise and stand out.

5 Tips to Make Memorable Messages


Messages that engage and inform wide and diverse audiences are hard to create. Great communicators know a secret that all businesses should keep in mind: the most powerful messages are those that are remembered.

Super Bowl XLIX offered a great example of reach and impact. Not only was Sunday’s game the most watched TV show of the year, but many of the messages broadcast during the program were memorable. Various observers analyzed the impact for marketers, and virtually every advertiser got a good return on their investment. Engagement remained high throughout the program, too, thanks in part to the closeness of the game on the field.

Super Bowl reaches millions


When Super Bowl XLIX kicks off in Phoenix, more than 72,000 lucky fans with tickets will be able to see the big game in person, but another 100 million-plus also will get to see it – on television and the Internet.

The Super Bowl isn’t merely the championship game of the National Football League; over time it has become a media and entertainment event that attracts multiple audience demographics. For good reason, the game often is the launching pad for memorable marketing campaigns ranging from Internet services to cars and trucks to soft drinks. In 2014, Super Bowl XLVIII was a lopsided football game, yet it was also the most-watched television show in American history, drawing an audience of 111.5 million, according to Nielsen.