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The Secret All Businesses Need to Boost Engagement


Businesses in all industries tend to agree that improving engagement among employees and customers is a critical step in strengthening their brands and achieving sustainable growth. Why do many organizations fall short of materially increasing engagement? They are missing a secret ingredient.

That secret is the power of authenticity in messaging. When communicating with employees, customers and business partners, organizations can’t fake it and expect to make it. Authenticity means the message, and the messengers, are perceived as credible and truthful. Dictionary definitions of “authentic” include being real, factual, true to one’s self or character, and worthy of acceptance or belief. What you see and hear should be what you get. The more that actions and words are in sync, the greater the perception that the message is authentic.

How to be an engaging speaker during virtual events


Being a dynamic online presenter takes practice. Connecting with a remote audience is challenging especially when trying to connect to a group of people through a camera. In order to be successful the speaker must understand the technology, have solid network/computer setup and remain upbeat throughout the session. Here are 8 tips to help you become an engaging speaker during a virtual event and webcast and keep your audience’s attention.

Industry stories worth telling


In a recent post, I discussed the opportunity for insurance industry companies to use digital channels to differentiate themselves. Here, I’m going to explore how they can do that effectively.

In a word, the key for the insurance industry – indeed, any industry that wants to stand out and engage customers and employees – is storytelling. I’m talking about conveying authentic messages in a way that people will understand and remember.

For anyone who might have seen the original TV show or reruns of “Dragnet,” Detective Sergeant Joe Friday was famous for saying, “All we want are the facts” and in later parodies, “Just the facts, ma’am.” Facts are as important to differentiating a business as they are to a police investigation. The trick is compiling and communicating those facts in a memorable way, helping your audience understand why those particular facts matter. That’s the essence of storytelling.

Digital Differentiation in the Insurance Industry


Today’s digital environment and the ubiquity of data underscore a curious paradox among insurance organizations. Insurance carriers were among the first adopters of computers, but by and large they aren’t making the most of current technology.

Early customers of mainframes were insurance companies, for good reason: they collected tons of data on policies and policyholders, and they needed an efficient way to organize and retrieve it. Similarly, insurance agents and brokers have long pursued an efficient way to quote and bind business with multiple carriers.

5 Ways to Improve Onboarding Engagement


Employees are the lifeblood of any organization, and more employers are investing in programs to attract, develop and retain the talent they need to succeed. The quicker an employer can engage new talent, the greater the likelihood of retaining a productive new employee.

One of the most important, and overlooked, areas of talent engagement occurs at the very beginning of a new hire’s journey. Think about your first day at the last new job you held. You probably had lots of questions, and lots of information to absorb. Will I fit in here? How am I going to remember the names of all these new colleagues? What opportunities to advance might I have? Was that person I just met in Marketing or Finance?