Making Visual Story-Telling Possible

a video is worth a million words

I make visual story-telling possible.  by Katherine Pudi Jordan

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so does that make video worth a million? As humans it is easier for us to respond to pictures and videos that provide visual cues and quick messages. Take the success of Facebook & Instagram where photos of your friends and family allow you to stay close and connected. Now look at YouTube one of the most popular sites in the world where the power of video is used to communicate a message to millions of users.

Capturing Video, Publishing Content, Analyzing Results – INXPO’s latest product release

INXPO's 12.6 product release available nowThe most daunting task for a product manager during a release cycle is finding balance between the demands of the market and the requests of your clients. Finding this balance for our organization is a finely choreographed dance across a razor blade.

For us, the dance of balance stems from the speed at which we iterate our products, every 90 days. For some organizations 90 days is plenty of time to iterate, release enhancements, and new features. The challenge for us is we are not improving a single product; we are improving an entire platform that deploys our 4 products (BTV, XPOCAST, Prime, and VX).