News Roundup


New in 2016, INXPO will bring you a round-up of important news stories from the industry.  In this edition, we’ve uncovered a number of articles highlighting how webcasting and video “fit” into your strategy, operations, and marketing technology infrastructure.  Have suggestions or comments?  Let us know by submitting a comment.


Best brands show value of communication

Best brands show value of communicationWe are surrounded by brands in our daily lives: the cars we drive, the foods we eat, the technology we use, the products that fill our homes. But not all brands are equally valued; some are more recognizable and valuable than others.

Why is that? What makes one brand more visible and popular, and therefore more valuable, than another? Thinking about it as a marketer, it comes down to how well a brand speaks for itself – how it communicates and how its story resonates with its customers.

What do Fantasy Football, Marketing Budgets, and Webcasting have in Common?

It’s the time of year when I should be finalizing my marketing budget for 2016, and instead I’m poring over my Fantasy Football team roster.  Can you blame me?  The playoffs start next week. Have any tips about my roster?

 fantasy football and webcasting

Fantasy football requires owners to make a lot of analysis and decisions. As do marketing budget decisions, and optimizing spend for programs like webcasting and online events.  In fantasy football, who has the best matchups? Is there a decent waiver wire pickup? Who is the next surprise star like Davonta Freeman or Gary Barnidge? How did my sure-thing first round pick Eddy Lacy turn out so bad?