EXHIBITOR 2014 Recap: Promoting Events with Digital Marketing


Exhibit programs come in many different shapes and sizes. This was evident when walking the expo floor at EXHIBITOR 2014 last week in Las Vegas. From magicians to massive digital LED displays, this was the conference to see the best of the best compete for foot traffic. Having a small 10×10 booth booths on the show floor, I couldn’t help but feel intimidated but yet amazed by the creativity and execution of the surrounding exhibits. Each booth had a story to tell and everyone did it in their very own unique way.

In conjunction with the expo floor, the halls were filled with attendees hurrying to their next session or workshop. With so many different options, and topics ranging from deploying a basic exhibit program to the intricacies of booth design, it was great to see material being covered for all levels.

Ways to Monetize Your Webcasts


Whether you’re looking to drive revenue from sponsorship sales, or via paid registration/content models, there are proven best practices to follow when monetizing your webcasts. As webcasting experts, we are here to help you define your objectives, programs, and platform use to achieve the results you desire.  INXPO’s webcasting tool, XPOCAST, has numerous features that not only help business owners achieve their organizational objectives, but simultaneously creates an unparalleled experience for all-scale global audiences.

Branding and Panels

Webcast content is extremely important, but your audience experience is more crucial. This is where you can explore sponsorship opportunities and packages to offer clients, features to use, and develop the engagement strategy. What are some of the options?

Online Events: The ROI

Do you remember what your last physical event cost? Admit it. Whether you were the lead organizer, vendor, or just a booth owner, it must have surprised you a little.

Then why do we like physical events so much? The answer is simple. They seem more measureable and personal. You know your expenses and what it takes to make money. This may be in ticket sales, sponsorships, paid sessions, raffles, cost-per-lead (CPL), or after-event networking functions. Each attendee is a dollar figure that changes dynamically as more enter the event. On the other side, attendees believe they may meet valuable connections to grow their personal or business portfolios.

5 Insider Tips on How Create Anticipation for Your Webcast

Engaging Webcast, INXPO

Creating an engaging webcast starts before your audience even logs in to the webcast.  Your goals before the presentation are twofold.  First, you want to spread the word so you can get as many interested audience members as possible.  Second, you want those viewers to be excited about the webcast even before they view it, so that they are eager recipients of your message.

Your VIP’s

List any speakers and their credentials, especially if you have a celebrity or someone high level within your organization joining the webcast.

Best Practices for Hosting an Online Event

Hosting your first online event, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry – many others have experienced the same dilemma.
An online event isn’t nearly as expensive or time intensive as a physical event. However, it can still pose challenges especially if it’s your first time. Here are some tips for preparing and conducting your online event to ensure you achieve the results you desire.

Choose an Appropriate Online Environment.

One aspect of online events often overlooked is the aesthetic appeal and use of the event platform features. Sure, you can conduct an online event as you would a webcast or webinar, but that would grossly underutilize the technology available to satisfy your event objectives.