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Top 5 Ways Internal Communications Programs Are Like Halloween

top 5 ways internal communications programs are like halloween


Happy Halloween.

In thinking about our favorite October holiday, we found a few similarities with internal communications programs. Without further ado, here are the top 5 similarities.

1) Get to know your “neighbors” better

How often are you able to leave your house and ring the doorbells of all your neighbors? If you’re running for political office, I suppose you do this quite often. But for most of us, Halloween is a great “excuse” to take the kids, head into the neighborhood and see the faces of the families behind doors number 1, 5 and 7.

How the Self-Service Model Benefits Clients of One Smooth Stone

We have a certification program for the INXPO VX Platform. Partners and clients who wish to “self-produce” their event will need to achieve and maintain certification. This is the first in a series of profiles that shares insights from clients and partners on their VX Certification experience.


One Smooth Stone, an INXPO Channel Partner, is an event and communication agency that helps clients “build relationships critical to the success of their business through exceptionally crafted programs and events in both physical and virtual environments.”

Andrea Huntzicker, Assistant Project Coordinator at One Smooth Stone, was their first employee to achieve INXPO VX Certification. Andrea received her certificate in August 2011.

Top 5 Benefits to Doing Internal Communications Online

top 5 benefits to doing internal communications online


Organizations are trimming travel and expense budgets. At the same time, however, those same organizations are growing via acquisition and supporting flexible work arrangements. I know of several large corporations for which entire teams have never met each other in face-to-face.

As a result, it’s more important than ever to keep employees informed, engaged and motivated. If you “miss” on any one of these three key elements, your organization could suffer. While I’m a firm believer in the value of face-to-face interactions, I believe that online platforms provide numerous benefits for internal communications.

How Human Resources Can Measure and Leverage Organizational Influence

turning things inside klout
Note: The following is a guest post by Erin Arcario and David C. Thompson of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals (@boehringerus).

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., based in Ridgefield, CT, is the largest U.S. subsidiary of Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation (Ridgefield, CT) and a member of the Boehringer Ingelheim group of companies.

The Boehringer Ingelheim group is one of the world’s 20 leading pharmaceutical companies. Headquartered in Ingelheim, Germany, it operates globally with 145 affiliates and more than 42,000 employees. Since it was founded in 1885, the family-owned company has been committed to researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing novel products of high therapeutic value for human and veterinary medicine.