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Seamlessly Connect to Digital Events from Your Jive Communities

seamlessly connect to digital events from your jive communities


Imagine this scenario. You’re a Jive customer. You manage an internal Jive community for communication and collaboration. Your CEO decides she wants to schedule an important announcement to the entire organization. You work with us to configure and create a digital event (on the INXPO VX Platform). Your CEO announcement now appears in the dashboard of the INXPO Jive App.

4 Tips to Engage and Inform Attendees in Your Digital Event

4 tips to engage and inform attendees in your digital event


Everyone knows that pre-event marketing is essential for any successful event, as no marketing often results in no (or few) attendees. Too often, however, event marketers concentrate exclusively on pre-event marketing and forget to focus on how to engage and inform their audience while inside the digital event. Follow these four tips and you can highlight key content, drive audience engagement, and ensure brand and messaging consistency.

How to Develop Your Virtual Sponsorship Packages in 7 Easy Steps


If you are a virtual event veteran, then you may recall one of your first experiences. A lack of exhibitors’ interest in your first event. This is a recurring problem for first time virtual event planners, but it can be easily remedied. Create powerful sponsorship opportunities with these seven easy steps.

1) Know Your Provider

You cannot begin sponsorship development until you know everything about your virtual platform provider. You have to know reporting capabilities, ad spaces, dimensions, file size limitations, accepted media formats, linkability, schedulability, scalability, video and audio capabilities, restriction capability, security, e-mail communication, languages, and more. Once you know the full potential of your selected platform, the more effective your package development becomes.

Learning in a Social Setting

learning in a social setting

The following post is by Emma King, VP of Learning, INXPO.


When the training industry responded to budget cuts by choosing to reduce its physical classroom training and deliver a higher percentage of its training using a combination of physical classroom and content online, corporate training lost something very special. It lost its personality. It lost its ability to keep people’s attention and it lost its ability to deliver that social connection.

The Benefit of Digital Platforms for HR and Learning Professionals


I recently attended Taleo World 2011 in San Francisco. At Taleo World, I had the opportunity to chat with Human Resources (HR) and Learning professionals about how they can leverage digital platforms for social learning and talent acquisition. The more I spoke to attendees, the more I came to realize that digital platforms can be so much more than a “point solution.” Instead, they can enable a continuum of services that cover an entire life cycle for an organization’s employees or members.