Comparing Online Meetings to Online Presentations


Online presentations are more effective than ever. Here’s how we characterize online presentation technology today:

  1. Live video presentations are now a vital part of demand generation programs.
  2. Tools for audience interaction are now very engaging.
  3. Metrics data now results in valuable audience profiling data.
  4. Technology is now simpler to use, higher quality and more powerful.

Check out our infographic, in which we compare meetings to presentations.

How to Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline


Looking to accelerate your sales pipeline? Consider these steps:

  1. Begin content marketing using video.
  2. Create an editorial calendar that matches other lead and demand generation activities.
  3. Use rich media for lead generation, lead nurturing and thought leadership.
  4. Make live presentations a key part of your marketing automation program.
  5. Use the customer intelligence generated for lead scoring and sales qualification.
Our Infographic

Check out our infographic below for more information.

The Future of Webcasting


From recruiting and training, to lead gen, product launches and thought leadership, webcasting technologies can be used internally and externally for a variety of communications purposes. I am commonly asked about the shift we are seeing in content consumption, and what may happen to webcasting and popular online video and presentation services.

My response is these services need to adapt to the way that users consume content, and shift away from broadcasting static messages without two-way dialogue. We live in an age where video and social interaction are king, and the future of webcasting lies in incorporating those tools directly into platforms so that constituents can engage with content and each other effectively. In short, interaction has replaced consumption.