How an Online Video Platform Can Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline




Recently, Andrew Konoff (@andrewkonoff) published a piece titled “Five Ways that Video Matters for Customer Experience.” As the title implies, Andrew’s article presented reasons video matters for the customers of a business. After reading Andrew’s article, it occurred to me that his points also apply for content directed at those “one step removed” from customers: a business’ prospects.

The Intranet for the Modern Age

the intranet for the modern age


Communication is the lifeblood of an organization, particularly when communicating information that is critical to educating, training and recruiting employees, as well as attracting and maintaining customers and partners.

Internal communications are typically handled by email, company newsletters, or a portal that’s part of a company’s intranet. These forms of communication are static and outdated, and not consistent with today’s sea change from consumption to interaction and conversation.

What To Expect From B2B Webcasting In 2013


To kick off 2013, Jeff Hurt (@JeffHurt) published an insightful blog posting titled “Five Top 2013 Conference Trends To Watch.” Reading Jeff’s post made me realize that conferences have a lot of similarities with B2B webcasts. Nothing drives this point homemore than the quote Jeff includes: “participation is the new consumption.” For me, this quote defines what webcasting is all about in 2013.

Online Presentation Tips: Put Presenters Through Their PACES

online presentation tips put presenters through their paces


Ask the person next to you, “Hey, can you create a slide presentation for me?” Then say, “I’m only kidding.” Seriously, ask the person next to you and watch their reaction at this moment. It will be important later.

Many people are stricken with fear and dodge the mere thought of creating a presentation for someone else. Why is this? Confidence. In my experience, there is a visible difference in audience behavior based on the confidence level of the presenter.

Have you ever missed or forgotten a line? The one you practiced so hard to remember! You’re thinking, “This is the worst day of my life.” You may apologize, stumble, keep going, or ask to start over. Others may continue the conversation forward and finish strong, but lingeron the mistake. It is all situational.

Q&A on Growing Your Business with Social Media

inxpo tv program on growing business with social media

Pictured: Members of the BNP Media social media team, live on INXPO TV!


We had the pleasure of hosting members of the BNP Media social media team on INXPO TV’s Thought Leadership channel. They had audience members on the edge of their seats as they shared insights on “Growing Your Business with Social Media.”

Registration on INXPO TV is open to all – so feel free to register, navigate to the Thought Leadership channel and view this program on demand. Also, feel free to take a look at the social media sponsorship programs provided by BNP Media.