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Facebook Marketing Tip for Your Brand Page

Facebook Marketing Tip for Your Brand Page


Do you want to get more exposure to your Facebook Page? Typical means for promoting your Facebook page include hyperlinks from your web site, inclusion in your employees’ email signatures and promotion from your other social networks (e.g. Twitter). While I might be stating the obvious, what about leveraging Facebook itself? Here’s how.

How to Generate an Audience for Your Virtual Event

how to generate an audience for your virtual event

Note: The following post is by Matt Goodwin, Account Manager at INXPO.

Introduction: Information Overdrive

In the virtual event world, it is difficult to capture your market because there are millions of sites begging for attention. According to the Netcraft Web Server Survey (2011), there are 312,693,296 reported site responses. From breaking news to addicting games, market segments are over saturated with a flood of information. What sets an organization’s virtual presence apart from the rest of the virtual world is the ability to effectively promote the event. Whether it is physical or virtual promotion, an organization can have a tough time swimming in a sea ofvirtually endless possibilities. This blog will possibly help arm your organization with information and resources to increase visibility and generate more attendees.

How Exhibitors Can Best Connect with Attendees at Virtual Trade Shows


Recently, we utilized Facebook Questions to ask about your reasons for attending a virtual trade show. You responded in the following order:

  1. The sessions
  2. The attendees
  3. The theme
  4. The exhibitors

How Exhibitors Can Best Engage with Attendees at Virtual Trade Shows

“The exhibitors” received zero votes, which tells us that while virtual trade show attendees will engage with exhibitors, that’s not the primary reason for their attendance. In this post, we’ll provide tips on how exhibitors can best connect with virtual trade show attendees.

Why Your Virtual Trade Show Should Offer Prizes

why your virtual trade show should offer prizes

Note: The following is a guest post by Max Kozak, Event Manager at INXPO. Max has worked with numerous clients on prize strategies for their virtual trade shows.


Prizes provide a great way to attain higher attendee engagement in your virtual trade shows. Prizes provide a beneficial relationship for both the attendees and the exhibitors. If they know there is “value” associated with their actions, attendees can be encouraged to view presentations and interact with others. Attendees know that the more interactions they have within the event, the more chances they’ll have of winning a prize.

5 Webcam Presentation Tips for Your Next Webinar


If you’re a webinar presenter, you should be “on camera” (when possible), so that your audience can see you. Compared to a static image (i.e. your headshot), a video connection (via webcam) creates a much richer and more engaging experience, both for you and your viewers.

Here are 5 Webcam Presentation Tips for Your Next Webinar:

1) Optimize and test your room lighting.

Whether you’re in your home office or a conference room at your main office, check and test your lighting before you go on camera. Try to find a room without windows. If you’re in a room with windows, draw the blinds. Sunlight is great for growing plants, but can be a disruptive factor with webcams. You don’t want your face covered in shadows.