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How to Integrate Social Media Channels for Your Event

How To Integrate Social Media Channels for Your Event


At NAB Show 2011 in Las Vegas, I had the privilege of interviewing Jessica Sheridan, who manages social media and web marketing for NAB. We created a broadcast center in one of the show’s lobbies and the interview was streamed live within our virtual event, INXPOLIVE. Jessica provided great insights on how NAB brings all of their social media channels together to support their annual show.

How Hybrid Events Are Like Reality Television

How Hybrid Events Are Like Reality Television


Previously, Dennis wrote how hybrid events are like interactive TV.  Dennis then exchanged some messages (over Twitter) with Brad Williams of NAB (National Association of Broadcasters).  Brad liked the television analogy, but made the comparison to Reality Television. I like Brad’s analogy, with the slight modification that hybrid events can enable interactions between the digital audience and the cast! So let’s consider how hybrid events are like Reality Television.

From Association Meetings to Corporate Events, Video is Everywhere

From Association Meetings to Corporate Events Video is Everywhere

Pictured: Rich Hawkinson of INXPO, alongside Emilie Barta, Virtual Host / Emcee.


The evolution of online events closely mirrors the evolution of broadcast mediums.  Radio is a one-way audio broadcast.  Next came television, which is a one-way broadcast that includes sight and sound.  Now there’s “socially interactive” television, in which viewers engage with their social graph in parallel to the TV (e.g. on a laptop, tablet or smartphone) – or, directly from the television set.

With online events, we had audio-based webinars with synchronized slides.  Next came webinars that integrated live video, along with live video broadcasts of session content from physical events.  And now with virtual platforms, the live video content takes center stage, with interactive elements placed around it, such as chat, blogs, tweets and Facebook posts.