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Top 5 Reasons to Incorporate Blogs Into Your Virtual Events

Top 5 Reasons to Incorporate Blogs into Your Virtual Events


Right this very moment, you’re reading this blog posting on the INXPO web site (and thank you for that!). Presumably, you arrived here because you found the topic or title interesting. In a virtual event, blogs can create a similar benefit. They can serve as a destination for interesting content related to the event’s theme. Here are 5 reasons to incorporate blogs into your virtual events.

How to Staff Your Internal Team for Your Virtual Events


Your organization understands physical events, but what about a virtual event? If you’re asked to plan a virtual event, do you know what your needs are and how to accomplish the task? Never fear, virtual event staffing is similar to physical event staffing, only conducted online. In this posting, I outline how you can build an internal team to produce repeatable virtual (or hybrid) events throughout the year.

Graduate Your Audience from Attendees to Participants

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The following is a guest post by Nick Caston of Blue Sky Broadcast.


The word “engagement” has been coming up frequently – and rightfully so. Engagement can transform a good webinar into a great event and can transform passive attendees into your biggest fans. Successfully delivering webinars and hybrid events is a challenge in itself, but, to truly engage your audience and enable them to engage others is an art.

Some recent tips posted on “Casting Calls” include using polls and Q&A, integrating Twitter feeds and leveraging video to create a more emotional connection. When delivered correctly, these and other tools can transform your web–based events into experiences that keep your constituents coming back for more.

Facebook Marketing Tip for Your Brand Page

Facebook Marketing Tip for Your Brand Page


Do you want to get more exposure to your Facebook Page? Typical means for promoting your Facebook page include hyperlinks from your web site, inclusion in your employees’ email signatures and promotion from your other social networks (e.g. Twitter). While I might be stating the obvious, what about leveraging Facebook itself? Here’s how.

How to Generate an Audience for Your Virtual Event

how to generate an audience for your virtual event

Note: The following post is by Matt Goodwin, Account Manager at INXPO.

Introduction: Information Overdrive

In the virtual event world, it is difficult to capture your market because there are millions of sites begging for attention. According to the Netcraft Web Server Survey (2011), there are 312,693,296 reported site responses. From breaking news to addicting games, market segments are over saturated with a flood of information. What sets an organization’s virtual presence apart from the rest of the virtual world is the ability to effectively promote the event. Whether it is physical or virtual promotion, an organization can have a tough time swimming in a sea ofvirtually endless possibilities. This blog will possibly help arm your organization with information and resources to increase visibility and generate more attendees.