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How to Prepare for Your Virtual Event Kick-Off Call

how to prepare for your virtual event kickoff call

Note: The following post is by Matt Goodwin, Account Executive at INXPO. Matt has led his fair share of kick-off calls.


You’ve signed the work order for a virtual event and think to yourself, “now what?” One of the first steps will be the kick-off call – a cross-organizational meeting that outlines the project scope and assigns roles and responsibilities to the extended virtual event team.

Virtual Event Best Practices: Generating Post-Event Registrations

virtual event best practices tips for generating post event registrations

Note: This “Closed Sign” may not be needed for your virtual event.


The great thing about virtual events? You can create a “show that never ends.” Sure, your scheduled events may have concluded, but virtual event platforms provide an ongoing showcase for your event’s content.

In the industry, we use a fancy term – we call it the “on-demand archive.” Given all the time and energy you put into the planning and execution of your event, wouldn’t you benefit by extending the momentum, to drive additional registrations and activity to the on-demand event? Here are some tips and tactics to create a thriving on-demand archive.

How the Future of Corporate Communications Will Be Shaped by Video

how the future of corporate communications will be shaped by video


Whether your organization is sharing messages with customers, stakeholders, investors, employees, or other team members, the most effective method of communication is video. From webcam chats to studio-quality broadcasts, video increases credibility, connection with the audience, and education because engagement with video is easier, quicker, and more appealing.

Do not be fooled. Videos are not just for entertainment anymore! Videos can be successfully used to implement new training programs to thousands of individuals across the world, communicate company directives to swiftly reshape an organization, and quickly address compliance and regulatory changes.